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Life is too short ! Take ''TIME FOR EACH OTHER'' Everybody needs a break and with our regular weekly cleaning starting at only £10 an hour, isn't there something you'd rather be doing? Keeping your house looking its absolute best can be a difficult and frustrating task.
If you need a cleaner for your house or your flat Cleanlinks is where you find the best house cleaners in Liverpool.

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Domestic Cleaning in Liverpool: How it Works

Looking for a house cleaning service in Liverpool?
Enter your postcode and Cleanlinks will link you with a professional, trustworthy and vetted cleaner nearby; just pop in your postcode and checkout your selection.

  • A thorough and professional cleaning service, tailored to the requirements of your home.
  • Competitive rates, and a discount for regular bookings.
  • All local, Liverpool cleaners, interviewed and registered to ensure quality.
  • Flexible and simple online booking process.
  • 100% transparent pricing model.
  • No contract or minimum number of bookings.
  • All major areas of Liverpool served.

Cloe M.

  15th July,2018

“Chloe is amazing. Never had a cleaner in the past, I was a little concern about how it would work, however after getting to know Chloe i realised i had absolutely nothing to be worried about. She is very thorough and reliable. I trust her, -thanks Chloe!”

— John P.

Agnes G.

  15th October,2018

“ Our house is really tidy and clean, a joy to come home to a clean house, thanks to Jane!”

— Kate R.

Matta B.

  15th October,2018

“A truly wonderful lady, well mannered, honest, I could not fault her! She actually is the 3rd house cleaner I've now used from She is the best. I would highly recommend her and definitely use her services again ”

— Helen A in Kensington

Cleaning services in Liverpool
Covering all cleaning services you might need
  •  Bedroom cleaning

  •  Vacuuming

  •  Deep cleaning

  •  Kitchen cleaning

  •  Dusting

  •  After-party clean

  •  Bathroom cleaning

  •  Ironing

  •  Spring cleaning

  •  Oven cleaning

  •  Rubbish removal

  •  Airbnb cleaning

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